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At Ruden-CCPHP, we believe that strong doctor-patient relationships are essential to helping you achieve your best health. Today, the typical primary care visit is only 11 minutes, which is simply not enough time for patients and doctors to build a strong rapport. The membership-based practice model at Ruden-CCPHP changes this problematic trend and preserves the doctor-patient relationship.
Ruden-CCPHP offers an innovative, more connected, and more personalized health care experience that includes extended appointment times, direct 24/7 connectivity to Dr. Ruden, same- and next-day appointments, as well as many other amenities and enhancements in exchange for a low annual membership fee.
Learn more about the advantages of this unhurried, comforting care setting.

meet dr. ruden

I am board certified in internal medicine, and have been caring for patients for more than 30 years. I also have a PhD in Chemistry and have conducted extensive research on the effects of trauma on the brain.