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My Approach

I love the practice of primary care medicine. It allows me to follow the arcs of people’s lives over decades where we get to know each other. This relationship inspires me to learn, create, and explore new ways of healing so that my patients can live healthier and hopefully longer lives. Unfortunately, this approach is being seriously threatened by the changing healthcare landscape. In the new world of medicine, the compassionate, personalized care that we equate with traditional family doctors is disappearing.
Patients are constantly being “handed-off” and there is no continuity of care. This is not how I see myself practicing medicine. I believe that having a strong relationship with my patients is vitally important to diagnose and uncover the blocks that prevent you from achieving your best health.
My goal is to provide patients an enhanced model of care that delivers a more connected, and more personalized health care experience through extended appointment times, direct 24/7 connectivity to me, same- and next-day appointment, and a wide variety of other enhancements that will help members better navigate the healthcare landscape. This innovative approach works for both me and my patients. I sincerely hope you will consider joining my membership-based practice.